Google Maps Images Not Recognized (Slowing Down Load)

I am using the MAP element on one of my pages. It seems to load 6 images as the webpage loads. I have a lazy-loading plugin installed but it can’t seem to recognize these images. I’m not asking for help with a third-party plugin but, I am wondering if you know of a way to either get these images recognized for deferred loading or skip them altogether with some sort of configuration.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing in! Could you please try leveraging cache and see if you can see any improvement. Please refer to our knowledge base article on how to improve your site performance (

Also use a tool like GT Metrix ( to test your site’s performance results.

Hope that helps.

I used caching with Hummingbird Pro an still had this issue. (W3 has been blocked by my hosting service: WP Engine)

Hi Tim,

To make google maps load faster, you can try loading it asynchronously using this third party plugin.

For additional info on how to make your site faster, you may refer to the link below

Hope that helps

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