Google Map Problem (This page can't load Google Maps correctly)

The Map in the footer of my site says: (

This page can’t load Google Maps correctly. (Do you own this web-site)

How do I fix this?



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for writing in! Upon testing your referenced page, I see the following error massage on the console log.
You have exceeded your request quota for this API.

Google has changed their policy on accessing maps resources. Please check their documentation for more information (

Hope that helps.

Ok Thanks,

So I believe I need to add an API key to my Google Map.

How do I do this in ThemeX?

Hi @xdanlad,

Thanks for writing in!

Please check this documentation for APIK help.

also this one for clarification.

After you get the API Key you can enter it in the map element.

Hope this helps!



I have created a page to test the map and even with the Key I get the same error:

How do I troubleshoot this?



It’s ok i’ve sorted this.


Glad you’ve sorted it out.

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