Google fonts and eu privacy statement 2018

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it looks like using google fonts will be problematic in the eu beginning of may 2018. then the new eu privacy statement is being the new law.

so hosting the google fonts locally is what is needed very soon. i found this topic:

but it seem not possible according to this with x.

have you had any request from european webmasters yet or any other information how to proceed now?

thanks a lot! kai

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

There are no similar thread tickets yet or news about it. May I know a specific URL discussing this issue? Maybe that would help and I can add it to our issue tracker.

And yes, not yet possible with X theme.


hi rad,

i think sooner or later this topic will come to your attention… :wink:

general information:

here specific for google fonts (i have more links in german):

thanks, kai


Hi there,

It seems to be okay loading google fonts, but yes, would be better if there is an option to disable google font and use local fonts. I’ll forward this thread for further checking.


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hi rad,
thanks a lot for taking the time to look at the links and issue!

yes. there are different opinions about the question if google fonts are ok to load (and only mention this in the privacy statement of the website) or to host them locally - which i prefer.
so according to this thread:
it is not possible now with x-theme.

another question arises from the requirement to have a contact form with a secure connection only from may on! would you know if the contact7 form is secured when the page is https? or are they independed from each other?

thanks a lot for your help! kai

Hi There,

If the page is https your contact form also will be as it is part of the page.

Hope it helps

thanks a lot joao. that is great!
i really wonder how everybody else here in the eu will deal with the problems arising from the new eu privacy statement…
best wishes, kai

Hi there,

I am sure there will be an official way of integration from the Google Fonts part. It is seriously the whole Europe and I am sure Google will not lose that base at all.

So we will keep an eye regarding this and if there is no action it most probably something that is not illegal and you can use the font with no problem. But if there is an official workaround by Google we will also follow the tend.

Thank you.

Have you any updates on instructions for loading Google fonts locally? Thank you. I’d really like to figure out how to do this.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating this thread. There aren’t any news yet about this issue. Though it has been brought to our developers attention. Hopefully Google Fonts might also issue an official statement or how to article to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hey there,

is nearly imposible to get an statement from google as small company or privat person.

whould you mind writting google or contacting them in any way to get more information?

and can you integrate custom fonts that are selfhostet? that would be a solution for The DSGVO problem

and also nice to have for some projects with other fonts.

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did you find a solution to host and link the fonts. i am also from germany.
I use the Pro theme and there is the fontmanager. i want to integrate them there.
I have uploaded the fonts with plugin custom font.

but i dont want to overrite with css the fonts witch are set in the fontmanger.

Would be nice to stay in contact with you to help each other with solutions.

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Hi there,

Please consider that we can not give any legal advice regarding this and you need to consult with a law professional.

We will not follow regarding this unless there is an official recommendation by the Google regarding the Google Fonts. At the time being if you think you will have problems using the Google Fonts please avoid using it by choosing the system fonts in the Font Manager.

Our theme does not have a way to add custom fonts and use them in the theme options or the elements. That is not possible at the moment. You will need to use custom CSS to achieve that.

Thank you for your understanding.

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