Google Font Selector in Text Editor

Hi, I want to use a different font to the body or heading styles to emphasize certain text in the text editor. Previously I used a plugin for this. This gave me a selection of the entire Google font library in the font-family selection within the text editor. I have set the desired font up in Font Manager, but I can’t see where I can select the font to use on the site as needed.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, to add a Google Font, first navigate to and search for the font that you need (example: Niconne). Hit the add button that correspond to it.


You should then able to see a number of font-family selected on the bottom panel. Expand that panel and click the @IMPORT tab. Then copy just the line:

@import url('');

Yes, do not include the <style> and </style> tag.


Then paste that @import line statement on top of your child theme’s style.css file


Then to apply the font-family; define this class, on child theme’s style.css file or Theme Options > CSS

.niconne {
font-family: 'Niconne', cursive !important;

Then apply that class to your text or headline element.

Hope it helps,


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