Google API is Slowing Down my Site


my site loads very slow on mobile. One of the issues is that the Google API is slowing down my site.
I have searched the knowledge base and I do not see a response that helps my situation.


Thank you for writing in!

I`ve checked your site with the Chrome Console and you can see that there’ are some images with a larger size: Click here to see - and you can see that theses images are delaying 6-8 seconds to be loaded, so, it will delay too much on the mobile devices, to fix it, just resize these images.

Now, there`s another problem with the Google API, this is the issue: click here and to fix it, disable any Maps plugin and check if the issue is gone.

I can resize the images, but how do I fix the API issue. Also, I was trying to reduce the number of plugins and now am getting another error stating that I need to leverage browser caching.

What do I do?

Hi There,

Use a tool like GT Metrix ( to check your site.

Upon testing your site, it seems you can improve your site loading times by leveraging cache. We have an article here ( on how to increase the performance of your site.


I tried following the article you sent, but my site goes down when I save the settings.

Would you please kindly give us exact steps you follow? Which plugin you installed and how you set the settings?

Regarding the Google API, unfortunately, this is out of the scope of our support as it is not related to our coded product. You can check the case by changing your website theme from X to another theme.

Thank you for your understanding.

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