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Hello, I am talking about a Code i had and RueNel fixed the code
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I have Changed the old code with this one in the thread i linked.
And what it does it is actualy makes the wp-side menu Dissapear when we view the top of the page, look carfully how the side menu are dissapearing on the top end and when scrolling down they show up again. can this be fixed?

Screenshot of items dissapear:

Help please,

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! It sounds like you might be having an issue with a third party plugin, Wow Side Menu. Regretfully, we cannot provide support for third party plugins or scripts as our support policy in the sidebar states due to the fact that there is simply no way to account for all of the potential variables at play when using another developer’s plugin or script. Because of this, any questions you have regarding setup, integration, or troubleshooting any piece of functionality that is not native to X will need to be directed to the original developer.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi Thanks, i understand.
is there a plugin of theme x that has side menu effect???

Hey There,

Regretfully we do not have any plugin like the Wow Side Menu.

Best Regards.

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ok so is there anything else abit familliar? some button on the side that is sticky?

Hello There,

If you need sticky social icons menu, you might need to find a 3rd party social plugin that may offer that feature.

Hope this helps.

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Actualy i am looking for a sticky button that can popup convert plus modals

Hi There,

Regretfully, we don’t have extensions that dock buttons on the side. But we do have Content Dock Extension which docks a div on the bottom-left or bottom-right. Try that.

You can use the button shortcode if you want to put a button on the content dock. You might as well put your subscription form directly on the content dock using a shortcode.

Hope that helps,

i have installed the content dock, and it doesnt work

Hi there,

How did you do it? I don’t see it installed in your site. Would you mind providing a video recording of how you’re doing it so we could guide you with the correct setup once we see it (in case is missing).


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