Global header not showing GLOBALLY on mobile

Hey there,

You guys helped me make it so that the main header row on my main page shows up globally on all posts and pages of my website as well ( The problem I face now is that it still does not show up on mobile posts & pages globally. It shows on all posts & pages of desktop. And it shows on the main page on mobile, but not on all posts & pages when on mobile. It should be global no matter what device. How can I get that global row to show up on mobile GLOBALLY as well?

thank you

Hi there,

I am not sure what was the customization offer that previously is given to you. But I am sure you will understand that the customization of the theme is outside of our support scope and if my colleagues gave you a custom code it was to get you started on the customization which you need to continue the implementation in.

I checked one of your single blog posts and found out that the header is not responsive and does not turn to responsive mobile friendly mode. Our default theme header does that. You either need to implement proper CSS and Javascript code to enable the customized header in responsive mode or get rid of the customization completely and use the original theme header.

If you are interested in having custom headers without knowing the ins and outs of the code customization I suggest that you consider converting to Pro theme. here is a detailed information on the header builder which will give you a better idea of the product and if it is suitable for you or not:

Thank you for your understanding.

ok thanks so much.

You’re most welcome.

Feel free to ask us again.


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