Global font "initial" parameter?

In the same way that you can use “global-color:[color id here]” by getting the global color ID from devtools… can you use “global-font:[font id here]” or something similar to reference the font palette by ID?

I’m trying to set the “initial” of a component param to default to a global font from my font palette, like this:

"fontFamily" : {
     		"label"   : "Family",
    		"type"    : "font-family",
    		"initial" : "global-font:48656164696e6773"

That doesn’t seem to work, but is there a way to reference global fonts like this?

Very curious about this question, I’m hoping to use it in a build as soon as possible.

Anyone home?

Hi @threeoten,

Unfortunately, the global font can’t be used in that way. Still, I will check with our development team to see if there is any alternative option available or not.


Since it took 8 days for an answer here I asked in the facebook group and I learned that you can in fact use global fonts in that way. You just use the ID only as the value:

"initial" : "48656164696e6773"

Would be nice if the documentation contained this info.

Hi @threeoten,

Glad that you were able to find the solution to this.


As a heads up it should be global-ff: not global-family: we’ll update the docs with an example. Have a great day.

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