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Hi @bracas,

In that case, I couldn’t investigate what’s causing this issue at this moment. As you said, it happens across all the pages where it shares global block. And checking the front doesn’t have enough information other than those HTML errors. Hence, I can’t really answer where those parse error is really coming from, I just assumed you knew it since you added the content.

Let me know once the credentials are ready :slight_smile:


I understand that. But can I grant you access but make sure you don’t edit or disable any plugins, themes or anything else. I will limit the access for that but you will be able to investigate the global block with the permissions. Does that work?

Hi Bracas,

Sorry, that won’t work.

Please clone the site on a development environment where we can do troubleshooting, this way your live site will be kept as is while we investigate.

Provide us login credentials in a secure note.

  • Link to your development site
  • /wp-admin with admin rights.
  • FTP credentials

Thank you,

i’m telling you that we have huge issues with that at the moment. The development site is crashing due to some strange issues.

I don’t know when we will have it sorted at this stage. Which is why I ask if you just can have a look without doing such massive changes.

Remember we do not have latest PRO update, we do not have latest Wordpress update.

I’ve figured out it’s a bug in your builder. When using one text block instead of two text block after each other it crash. So I’m forced to use duplicate text block to hide instead of styling one block with element css (only different is font-size). That’s really bad experience. No errors in the code only using the features within the builder and it causes the crash. No css brackets with any syntax error, tested with css lint.

At the moment I can not give you staging/dev environment due to issues there. You have to be able to have a look without disable everything on a site. I mean I detected and debugged this issue now which is within your page builder and nothing else.

Hello @bracas,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I tested global blocks and tabs element on my local Pro Theme setup, it’s working fine and can’t replicate the issue that you are facing. So it’s most probably issue with your setup or because of the old version of Pro Theme you are using.

If you are comfortable then only please share the login details in secure note for us to take a closer look as we need to take a look at the backend. We won’t make any changes and steps will be communicated with you.

However, I would encourage you to update Pro Theme as old version can cause issues. You can take a look at following article for more details.


I understand what you are saying but can we do it in real time so I can monitor as well and be here. What about saturday before 12 CET?

We want to update on dev environment before live of course. Which is why we haven’t updated since the dev environment spike in the CPU load due to something that goes wrong after the import and migration from live to dev environment. That’s why we haven’t upgraded yet.

But I’m willing to share you an account with access but not admin access so neither if you would like to you can not disable plugins etc. I don’t know if you handle it and you promise and then another colleague of yours see and log in and have not read the thread history. That’s basically why I’m afraid to share without monitoring the process.

Of course dev should be active it’s just a bit of a big backlog for me at the moment to be able to dig into the CPU spike on the server when I deploy.

Hello There,

We can do it on Saturday or in which time you preferred. Our staff will be on standby. As soon as you give it a go along with the WP access, our staff will check your dev site and you can monitor as well.


As a said, dev sites is not possible. We have not solved that as for yet. It has to be live, might be an misunderstanding here or did you read the thread above?

Hi @bracas,

We can’t continue troubleshooting your live site especially we’re not really sure what’s causing it. And as you said, we shouldn’t disable the plugin, theme or edit anything, hence, no use if we’re going to just look in it. Which is why staging is more appropriate for this kind of troubleshooting, which of course, not possible as you said.

And we don’t really troubleshoot a live site as it may cause more troubles. Hence, I recommend contacting a developer to troubleshoot this issue on your live site. It’s clear that the issues are content structures and its markup, I’m just not sure what’s causing it but it’s not theme related at all.


I will see what we can do during the week. But please don’t close the ticket have to give it some time to investigate in the staging environment.

Yes, sure. We will keep your ticket open.

Would it be possible to add more staging environments for the theme license. If so I can let you in on a new staging. Testing a hosting and main site there I don’t want you to edit due to they tweak it for benchmarking. But the staging I created there with nice pre built environment you could have access to. But not working properly due to the license of PRO. I agree having +2 or +3 staging environment fields. Could you at least fix ti temporary maybe?

Hello @bracas,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Unfortunately, you can’t have more than one staging setup. As of now one licence entitles you for one staging server. For more information, please take a look following article.


Hmm ok maybe we can temporary change while you test on the staging URL there. I will have a look at it and get back to you later on. Most probably during the weekend, thanks.

Yes sure feel free to get back to us anytime.


Will get back later on, but do not close the ticket.

Hi @bracas,

We’ll not close it, but the system will after 10 days without reply. If that happens, then you may start a new thread while linking it here.


Ok, that fine.

Thanks :wink: !

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