Getting a loop for the current category

Hi there!

I’m working on a Looper and looper consumer and want a loop with all the posts for the current category.
The page I’m using this on is a layout for a custom post type. Currently, I’m able to use a looper with the Query Builder, but that only allows me to pick a specific Taxonomy.

  1. On the which-list for future upgrades: Make the Query Builder be able to use Dynamic Content, at least for the Taxonomy. Would be awesome.

  2. How do I reach there right now. At the moment, my looper shows a list of 40 some items (I got looping rows with feature image, headline and a brief text for each looping item). But it’s only from one of my categories, no matter what type of category the post has, within this post type. (I got around 10 categories at the moment within this post type).

I’ve tried Current Post Terms and All Terms but that only show me 1 item, which is the same as the current post. So I don’t get a loop with all the posts for that category with those. The others Looper Types just go above my head at the moment…

Thanks for your help!

Hello @Christoffer_Ahlback,

Thanks for writing in! The Looper Provider Query Builder is usually used when trying to display posts or custom post type with select categories. If you want to display most complex queries, you can use the Looper Provider Query String instead. You can create your own query and then use this query in the Looper Provider. For more details, please check out this documentation:

Best Regards.

Thank you, @ruenel for you answer!
I will look into that deeper. But in the meantime, I kindly repeat my feature request: it would be SO AWESOME and helpful to get the ability to put Dynamic Content in the Taxonomies in the Looper Query Builder! :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great theme and builder!

Hey Christoffer,

I’ll add this to our tracker as a feature request so that it will be taken into action in the future! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

Thanks, @marc_a!
You guys are truly amazing!!

Hey Christopher,

You’re welcome!

I’m literally trying to do the same thing and banging my head right now to get this to work.

I’m here to upvote this wishlist request. I’m trying to show related “sibling” posts that all share a common value (such as a CPT/ACF taxonomy) for the current dynamic Post Layout. This isn’t a problem on a Taxonomy archive, but when on a Post Layout, I want to add a looper that shows other related posts with the same taxonomy term as the current post. I’d love for the Query Builder to have a dropdown option with a Dynamic post option.

So am I correct in understanding that this is impossible without writing a custom query?

If so, can I get help writing this custom query with Themeco One?

Hey Matt,

If you are trying to display related post items in your looper, you may want to check this out:

Best Regards.

I eventually solved it by using two loopers, one looper for the entire section (any parent would work) selected on “Current Post Terms” and I chose the Taxonomy “Categories”, since that fitted my needs, but there are plenty available.

Then, in the second looper (for me it’s a grid showing posts in a column inside the same section as the first looper) I used Query String with the following: category_name={{dc:term:slug}}&post_type= play&posts_per_page=12

{{dc:term:slug}} pulls info from the first looper that was able to pull data from the post I was showing, so I eventually could show more posts from the same category.

BUT I still would love the ability to use dynamic content in the taxonomies in the Query Builder. :slight_smile:

Hey @Christoffer_Ahlback,

Thanks for chiming in and sharing your ideas, we really appreciate it.


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