GET specific category in Layout builder for WC Archive

Hi! I am trying to do this:
On every post on a WC Archive page I want to show a specific category, not all categories.
For example: We have categorized products all products in different areas (for example “Schampoo”, “Conditioner” etc) but also which BRAND the product belongs to. In this case I want to show only the brand name. I have a parent category named VARUMÄRKEN (brands) and child categories with the brand names.
I added a Looper provider “Current Post Types” and “Product Categories”. In this case the post shows all categories. So is it possible to show only the categories that are children to parent category “VARUMÄRKEN” ?

Hello @mariamohlin,

Thanks for writing to us,

You can create multiple WC archives category layout through the layout builder. Please follow these steps

  1. Go to layout and create a new layout.

  2. Select the Type as “WC Archive”

  3. Select the preview as Product category, It would give an option to select the category that would filter the product by the selected category

  4. Now you need to assign the layout, click on the settings icon —>Assignment -->Condation —>Product categoy —>Select the product category.

Hope it helps

Update: @prakash_s

I have managed to create a layout for category pages:

But this layout shows all categories on the site. I want the layout to show all subcategories to “Hårvård”.
I use the All Terms provider:


I was thinking I could solve this by adding a condition for Product Category. But I can’t find that in the Conditions list?

And second question: How do I get the featured image for a category?

Hey @mariamohlin,

Use the Query Builder in the Looper Provider.


With that, you can display products from specific product categories or tags


There is currently no option to get the category thumbnail but I’ll list this as feature request so this might be taken into account in the future.

Hope that helps.