Fullwidth, sidebar right, section below

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Is it possible to get the page looking similar to this?

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Hey Keanu,

Thanks for writing in! Yes of course you can have a page like this when you create the page using Cornerstone. Simply use Blank - No Container | Header, Footer as the page template. Then in Cornerstone, please create two sections. The first section will have two columns, the left column for your contents and the second column can have the widget area. The second section will have two set of rows. The first row is for the title and the second row will have three columns for your to insert 3 image elements. Both the header and footer could utilize the default header and footer settings. You will just have to add slider in it since it seems that the big gray area in the header is a hero slider or something.

Please check out the page templates here:

For the sliders and how you can utilize it, please check this:

For the header and footer options, you might need to check this:

Hope this helps.

Hi RueNel,

Thanks for your reply! I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t think of that! Either overworked or tired, or both!! The slight issue that i’ve got is how would I go around adding columns inside of a column? Would that have to be static HTML? Or is there a plugin that will allow me to do this? I did look into both The Grid and Essential grid, but i’m not entirely sure they’re fit for purpose? The content needs to be static.

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Hi Keanu,

On a column, try adding classic RAW CONTENT element then inside add a column shortcode like below:

I have a choose two column section then add RAW content then inside use Column Shortcode. This makes the right column be divided into two again. See this: http://demo.theme.co/integrity-1/shortcodes/columns/. Just note to add x_ on your shortcode like on the screenshot.

Hope this helps.

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