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Not sure if this is a stupid question or not (Still kind of a noob), I’m curious if there is a way to get not only fullwidth sections (easy to do), but sections that take up the full height of a viewport without resorting to weird padding or margin tricks. I looked into the 100vh method. But I don’t think that bodes well for the content in it if the screen is really small.

I know I’m probably missing something really simple here, but I’m blanking out.

I was also wondering if this is a feature request that’s been brought forth at all. Any and all commentary is welcome.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, to make your section a fullwidth, please turn OFF the ROW’s Inner Container option.

To make it full height, yes you’re right you can use the 100vh method. Use it as min-height: 100vh so it will expand if the screen is too small (depends on content height).

Hope this shed some lights,

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I’m not seeing the settings in the last post. I can’t find where to put 100vh? This is such a common thing - is it really a hack in this theme? Can I make it full page and paralax?

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! You cannot view the row settings? Please make sure that it is enabled and editable in the permissions section. You can check it out in X > Settings > Permissions > {classic/v2} Elements and also make sure that the advance mode in X > Settings > Permissions > User Preferences is set to “Always On”.

For more details about permissions, please check it here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/permissions/32879

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