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I am new with this template and I am adapting to its philosophy, it gives me very good feelings!

I have imported one of the standard DEMOS (Integrity 1) and I would like in addition to the structure to import ALL the content. To use it as a starting point.

Is this possible? How could I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the standard demo images and media files cannot be downloaded as those are copyrighted stuff. But the expanded demos will do the trick for you. So choose one of the expanded demos and you will have all the images and stuff available on your website.

For more information:

I also suggest that you bookmark this webpage which is the index of our knowledgebase:

You will find good material there to get used to our product.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply

But unfortunately I can not find any EXPANDED DEMO whose appearance is the same as the one I mentioned.

I understand the content with copyright and could change it with my own but the most important part of the web, the cover video does not even appear as an empty block.

Any suggestions on this?

Ah, I see what section you mean, that section is created using the Revolution Slider Plugin. You can install the Revolution Slider by going to X > Overview menu and scroll down to find that plugin.

After the installation and activation of the plugin you can import the slides as mentioned in the Slider Setup section of the article below:

Thank you.

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