Free Extensions - How to Install

Hey Guys,

I am currently using the x-theme, but have just discovered that a significant amount of free extensions come with the purchase of the theme. So, how can install these extensions?


Hi there,

You will have to first validate X in order to install the bundled plugins.

Please check this link for more info:

Once validated, you can go to X > Validation and you should be able to find the list of plugins that you may install and use.

Hope this helps.

Great! I now see the available list, but I can’t find cornerstone on the list of available installations. Any idea why it might not be there?

Hi there,

It looks like you are using Pro. You do not need to install Cornerstone independently on Pro because it is already integrated as the Pro editor.

As for X theme, if X is enabled, Cornerstone will be automatically installed and enabled as well. You can find it in the plugins page.

Hope this explains it.

Very cool. I honestly assumed that, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on any elements. Sick theme and sick support. Thank you guys so much.

You’re most welcome!

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