Form Integration WPForms not sending email

I have some WP Forms on my site. Two of them - one in the header, one in the footer - are set up with form integration in a modal. These two give me a “your message has been sent” type notification when tested but I am not getting an email notification. The other WP Forms I have set up are working fine and sending email notifications.

The two that don’t work are “Hire Jaya” in the nav menu and “Hire Jaya” in the footer.

Hello @hwolfe,

Thanks for posting in!

Please edit your form and make sure that the Email Addresses are valid and correct. You may need to send a test email to each address.

See the secure note.

Be advised that the WP Forms is a 3rd party plugin. You may need to contact the creators of the plugin for further assistance.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Yes, the email addresses are valid and correct. They work fine on the other Wp Forms on the site, just not on the forms that are in modals using Form Integration. That seems like a Themeco issue.

Hello @hwolfe,

There must be something wrong with the form if you will insert 3 emails. I have removed your emails and replaced them with my personal email for testing. I was able to receive the message.

See it in the secure note below.

I highly recommend that you temporarily use one email address and test the form in the modal again.

Best Regards.