Footer Social media Links

We just switched to PRO and because of that I need to redo the social media links in the footer, but I would to avoid resetting up the entire footer in the custom footer if I can…
You can see its the 2 squares on the right…

Let me know if theres an easy way to include the icons in the system, or if you have a suggestion. If its better to redo the footer with the custom footer I will, but just saving my client budget if I can

Hello Saraswati,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please don’t share login details in public. Always share the credentials in secure note so that the information is in between you and Themeco staff.

I checked the website and can see the social icons are showing up empty square. I suggest you to take a look at following release notes on fixing the issue. Please scroll down to the FAQ section and looks for Why are some of my icons are appearing as an empty square?:

My suggestion would be to redesign the footer using Footer builder as it has the necessary tools in place to design a custom footer. You can use Social Icons element to have social icons on the footer. To get started with footer builder, please take a look at following resource.


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