Footer links have some formatting that makes them appear not as clear as normal

Hello, I love the Pro and X themes. They are my favorite and I use them a lot. On this one website there is something going on with the text in the footer area. For some reason it is not as clear. I think there is shadowing or something. How can I make just this text in the footer area plain white. I know the active link is red and the hover is red with a background and that works perfectly. What do you think is causing this, how can I make it better? Should we use css to make this display better?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

Hey Jon,

The white shadow effect is the Text Shadow style of the Widgets of the Integrity Light Stack. Since you’re using Integrity Light, you should be using dark text on light background because in that setup, the built-in Text Shadow very subtle.


Because you’ve modified the background to a dark color most probably using custom CSS, you also would need to edit the footer text to white. There are many selectors in the footer and it’s not feasible for us to list them all and we cannot provide custom code guidance as part of our normal theme support. That service is only reserved for our One premium support. I’ll provide a small snippet for turning the widget text to white but if you need more, please consider subscribing to One. Add the following code in Theme Options > CSS.

.widget ul li a, .widget ol li a, .x-comment-time {
    color: white;

The result should look like this.


The best thing for you though since you’re already using Pro is to use the Pro Footer Builder so you can create a custom footer and control every aspect of your design without the use of custom code. For more info, check out our Footer Builder documentation here:


Perfect, That fixed it. Thanks! You made that fast and easy. That has been on my to do list for more than a year and now it looks great!

Hello Jon,

Glad that we were able to help you. Please feel free to open a new thread if you have any more concerns.