Footer Issue (PRO)

hi guys, i would like you to please add the following issue to the list of bugs to fix:

sometimes, when you build a footer in pro and the footer is a bit small or of a certain dimension, it triggers a weird error:

This bug has been present since pro 1.2 and it’s getting really annoying :frowning:

Hi There,

Thanks for the details!
I can see the license is not valid for this site or you haven’t validated the site.

Please validate the site first and let us know so that we can help you on this. After validation please update the theme to latest version if you like.

Hope this helps!


site validated, sorry about that, i had the site on a dev environment and just migrated it to the new (and future) production environment. can you please check again? thanks!

Hi there,

Looks like it’s due to the menu that you added and it’s taking up the height of your menu. Please remove it or use different menu element.


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