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FontAwesome Icons aren’t working, not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi spicemanagement,

Please kindly go to WordPress > Plugins and delete the Cornerstone plugin as you are using the Pro theme and do not need to have that plugin.

Then, kindly please use the Icon related elements to show the Font Awesome fonts. Such as Social.

Also, if you use the Font Awesome manually in the code please consider that the new version of the Font Awesome has some different coding style. Please find the details here. [FAQ section]

Finally, there are server related cases that the font might not work which we discussed below:

Thank you.

I still don’t understand what the code should be to insert an icon.

I used the following i class=“fas fa-mobile-alt” but it’s saying I should be using something along the lines of data-x-icon-b. Is the data part supposed to be replaced by the icon code I want?

Can I get an example of how to format it so I can manually insert it into a text element?

Hi @dmedianik,

The class prefixed fa- is the native way of adding FontAwesome icon on your page. Unfortunately, this is not going to work inside the theme unless you integrity the FontAwesome manually, but you do not need to do that because FontAwesome is already integrated into the theme.

As you know the theme use:

data-x-icon-b for social icons.
data-x-icon-o for outline icons.
data-x-icon-s for solid icons.

Read more about that here, (see the answer under Why are some of my icons are appearing as an empty square?)

Now, if you just want to insert icons on text element, you don’t need to do that data-x-icon thing, you just need to copy and paste a shortcode we provided here.

Hope it helps,

Got it to work thanks, I feel like the Icon list and shortcodes should be available in the text editor or as reference somewhere within the theme or dashboard.

Hi @dmedianik,

Yes in the native Wordpress text editor before Gutenberg came, you can still enable the Legacy Shortcode Generator under X or PRO > Settings only if you’re using the classic editor, but we do not recommend that as that does not work for new elements and inside the builder.


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