Fontawesome Icons- Only a few in Cornerstone

Hi, I just bought the X theme and I have problemas getting ALL the icons in Cornerstone.
I can only select a few of them when I use the classic Icon or any other having icons associated.
What is wrong. I have the latest version of the theme but I don’t know how to see the Cornerstone version.



Please note that the version of fontawesome that is incorporated into the theme is a free version.

You can check the available icons from the link below


Thanks Paul.
One more thing. How can I avoid my theme to generate all those image sizes? I only need 2 of them (icon and full) or at the most an intermediate one, but I am getting 7 images, some of them very similar in size (500x500, 500x341, 500x563…) which is increasing a lot my storage size. Is there any configuration I should change so that this is not happening?


Hey Cristina,

Regretfully, there is no option to disable the theme’s image sizes. It would require custom development which is outside the scope of our support. I’d also not recommend that you customize because removing the image sizes is not the only customization you will need to do. You will also change parts of the theme that uses a specific image size based on the settings in Theme Options.

To save some storage space, I’d recommend that you compress your images instead. For more details about Image Compression, please read our Performance guide at

I’d also kindly request that you do not mix topics in a thread. This often leads to confusion not only to us, the support staff but to other users as well. This results in a longer or slower response time and difficulty for other users to find answers.


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