Font resizing omn browser load?

I’m having an issue where my font seams to resize after the browser load. In cornerstone the fonts appear much larger and for a good while, the size was the same in cornerstone and the front end view as it should be. For some reason it now loads the page initially with the correct size and then resizes smaller?

I am using a child theme but tested by switching back to xtheme with same result. All plugins I have are those bundled with xtheme and gravity forms.

This is the site URL:

Here are some screenshots in cornerstone and front end:

Here is a screencast showing the resize:

Thank you in advance

Just a quick update. It seams to be the resp-p class assigned from the demo content. I didn’t think of that as strangely enough everything was working fine and later it only started shirking. What is that class exactly achieving and why did you use it in the demo content?

Hi There,

That’s the CSS class for the responsive of your custom headlines.

For more information, please take a look at these articles:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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