Font manager: Why H tags in Setup Base Font size & tag have no effect?

Why H tags in Setup Base Font size & tag have no effect on the rendering of the text after a Font Familly has been set for the text/header in the page?

I only get the expect result if I put H tags in the Edit text box.

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Please be advised that the Font Manager is only used to manage font families to be used for your site. You can use the Web defaults, Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit and even upload a custom font. You cannot set a font size or font weights. It should be done in the headline element settings. To know more about Font Manager, please check this out:

If you are using the headline or text element, the font base will just be a base font size. The actual font size can be set in the Text Format in the element settings.

Once you tweak the text format and text styles, it will be applied and visible in the preview area.

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It is still not clear for me why setting an H tag in Setup Base Font size & tag have no effect on the rendering while setting setting an H tag in the Edit text box provide the expected rendering?

On images bellow the Head line is set with an h2 tag but the text size is not right while the second headline below is identical except the text edited has been written with added h2 tags <h2>UNE ASSOCIATION AU SERVICE DE SES MEMBRES</h2>

Hello @shimoda,

When using a headline element, you have set the base font size and font tag to <h2></h2>. In your text, you do not have to insert another tag like <h2>UNE ASSOCIATION AU SERVICE DE SES MEMBRES</h2>. Please be aware that you cannot nest or place another heading tag inside a heading tag. The headline text content should only be plain texts.

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Hi Shimoda,

Please keep in mind of what Ruenel said above, you can not nest a headline (h1 - h6), inside a headline element, see what happened to the HTML mark up.

Your hardcoded headline (h2) is outside of the Headline element h tag block (h2.x-text-content-text-primary), that is why not all settings you have on the headline element is inherited by your hardcoded h2.

And I see you have responsive text applied on your hardcoded h2, that affects the font-size as well, so keep that in mind.

If you really want to hardcode your h2, please use the Content Area element instead, and style your hardcoded h2 with a custom CSS as you like.

You can find the proper CSS code selector using the Chrome browser Developer Toolbar
For the CSS code itself, I suggest that you get started with this tutorial


Thanks for the tips.

How do you explain that the first headline element not hardcoded not responsive, on the first image above, does not get the size of an H2 element? In fact, no matter the H tags selected the appearance does not change.

Hi @shimoda,

Please note selecting a base tag doesn’t mean it will be displayed with its default look, you still need to configure its font setting. The base tag only means implementing which base tag will be applied to the code which beneficial to SEO. An h1 could be styled to look as h2, and h3 could be styled to look as h1, it depends on your setting.

Now, you can also try classic custom headline element, it could be the one you’re looking.

There is no complex setting, decide which base tag then how it should look.

But regardless, don’t add another base tag element within the headline element because it’s pre-added.


Thanks @Rad for the clarification. The user interface would certainly benefit from a more precise tag description/behavior/usage.

I see how the h tag rendering can be done with the classic text element. It is quite obvious and work well.

I am wondering how the selection of the h tag for the rendering can be achieved to inherit from the global setting when using the new text elements?

Hello @shimoda,

The global settings will only affect the classic elements. With v2 elements, it does not depend on the global settings since it has its own default settings.

Hope this helps.

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