Font manager/google fonts not working

I updated the fonts for headings/body fonts in the font manager and it hasn’t updated. Should be Josephin Sans for body and Cormorant upright for headings.
Also tried to update it under typography in the customizer and still not working. Please advise.

Hi There @carriejordan

Thanks for writing in! Upon checking, I see that you have few licenses and site URLs, so I’m not sure which site that you’re referring to.

If you’re using a caching plugin, make sure to purge your server cache and also clear your browser cache before testing. Often, it could be due to a plugin conflict as well. You can disable your 3rd party plugins and re-test your issue to confirm that.

Also we have a separate guide on utilizing font manager, which you can review (

In case if you’re still having issues, provide us with an example page URL to check your issue further.


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