Font Awesome Load Times

Hi, I have been trying to optimize my websites loading speed and have got them down a bit but Font Awesome from the theme is taking almost .5 seconds to load(Nearly 1/3 of the whole loading time). Is it possible to disable it or do something to increase the speed?

On GTMetrix most of the time seems to come from “blocking” and I’m not entirely sure what that means or why it only affects the Font Awesome files.

Here’s a link

Hi Eric,

Thank you for writing in, It is not recommended to remove any core files from the theme because it will affect how your site renders. Fontawesome is the library of icons, removing that means all icons used in the theme will just display as weird squares.

I understand that you have optimize your site, but please check this article for how to improve more the site performance. (see the Gzip Compression and Content Delivery Network)

Hope this helps,

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