Fixing texts too small and elements too close together and

Please i have been getting reports from Google console that my sites texts are too small and elements too close together. I have visited my site and i can’t see such thing. And i can’t figure out what to do about this and it seems like it’s affecting my SEO ranking. Please what can i do to fix this? Is this problem coming from my theme settings?

Hello Kingsley,

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If you are getting report in Google console regarding font size, try increasing the root font size under X > Theme Options > Typography.


Did you check my font size? Its 18 px and its not fixing anything. What about elements too close together? You guys should help me here

Hi Kingsley,

I’ve just tested your site on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and it gets the green result

Can you specify which elements are having the small font and too close together issue?

We understand this concern regarding test results but the theme has no issue with mobile-friendly tests because it is responsive in nature. The recommendation you get from the test is more of a page optimization/performance stuff that is outside of the support that we can offer. You might want to hire someone that is knowledgeable about site optimization.

You can also try (if you have not yet) some of the site optimization guide we provided here.

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