Filtering Page-based Essential Grid


I’ve created a page-based Essential Grid which I want to add filters to.

By default Wordpress pages don’t have a category or tag field. So I went on and created a custom meta field called “Filter” in Essential Grid.

This works perfectly when I only use one keyword, but when I add multiple keywords seperated by comma’s it will just add an extra filter with both keywords (see attached screenshots). As you will see, I’ve also tried using Multi Select, but this doesn’t seem to work either.

What’s the best way to work around this? Should I use a plugin which allows me to add categories and tags to pages? Or is there a more elegant solution?

Kind regards,

Hey Roel,

This would require some customization or use of a 3rd party plugin so you will need to either consult with a developer or find a 3rd party plugin that will work the same post category and tags.

Otherwise, please just use the Post post type or create your own custom post (still using a 3rd party plugin).

Please note that we can’t recommend nor provide support for 3rd party plugins as that really depends on a specific project so that would require a degree of consultation.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Hi, just to let you know, I installed a 3rd party category and tags plugin and that solved my issue.

Kind regards,

Glad to hear that, Roel.

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