Filter by topic empty, articles empty in main page and general questions


I just purchased your theme and I have installed it locally with ethos and demo content.

  1. Filter by topic is empty while I have many posts from demo and starting content I added. Also Main page is empty.

  2. My other question is how the top bar shows the posts and in what order?

  3. How to have a simple slider for images full width in place of x-post slider?

  4. How to have different articles in sidebar like the ones you have in your demo

  5. Also when you add a video is it possible to have a youtube video or it reads only files like mp4 etc?

I’m sending you a screen shot so you can understand my questions better.

Thank you

Hi George,

Thanks for reaching out.

First, please check Ethos documentation here

  1. Category IDs are automatically generated in database, so you have to update the IDs yourself with the existing one. Please check the Filterable Index from the above URL.

And please check this to help you finding your preferred category IDs.

  1. Please check the section Post Carousel from the above URL. There are three options, most commented, random, and featured. If you select the featured one then you must manually select a post to be featured. And you can do that by editing the post in admin and find this section

Check the option where you wish to display that current post. The order is based on comments, or random, or by date if it’s featured.

  1. It can’t be set as full-width because of its container, what you could do is just disable the post slider and use revolution slider. Please check this And this another thread so you could implement it on blog page.
  1. They are widgets, please go to Theme Options > Layout and Design > CONTENT LAYOUT and make sure it’s set to Content Sidebar instead of full-width. Then go to Theme Options > Blog and make sure all layout are set to Global instead of Full-width, to make sure it inherit the layout from Layout and Design. Then go to Admin > Appearance > Widgets and add Search widget, Recent posts widget, and Calendar widget to the Main Sidebar.

  2. Are you referring to video post format? Yes, you can add Youtube video but as an Embed code instead of just youtube URL. Please check this


Thank you for immediate response but still articles don t appear in main page though categories appear. I can only see 3 articles that belong to Video category and nothing more. When I click to all though all articles appear

Hi George,

Would you mind providing the site’s URL and admin login credentials in a secure note? The one at your account doesn’t use filterable index. I’ll check what’s going on first :slight_smile:


Hi Rad,

No I can’t provide you with such credentials since it’s in localhost. We can connect though, through skype or hangouts if you like and have a share screen and check what is going on. Or even a team viewer if you like and have full access in the site at localhost.

Hi George,

Unfortunately, we can’t do that and we’re only limited to the forum for issues. Please make sure the category has assigned post to them.The filterable option is use to filter posts so maybe it’s just empty as there are no posts assigned to that category.


I fixed it with custom code in views/ethos/_index.php in child theme, How this guy in here had the solution? Anyway I don’t know what to say… What’s the point to lose so much time to get a premade theme if I m having so many problems from the start?

Thank you

Anyway thank you, you can close the topic.

Hi George,

Your question is about why you’re only seeing 3 articles that belongs to video category and nothing more. In which a bit confusing when you actually want to implement is to display all article regardless of category (like in that thread) which kills the purpose of filtering by category. And I thought posts aren’t really displayed or listed.


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