Featured Image Area in Wordpress Not Visible


I am wanting to change the image at the top of a post and of course, it is set when you set a featured image. I have done it countless times, though not for some time. When I now click on the edit area for any post, the Set featured Image link is nowhere to be seen.

Any thoughts as to what would cause the link area to be hidden?

I have tried clicking edit in the posts area as well as quick edit, but neither of them show the Set Featured Image link


Hi @guybower1,

Thanks for reaching out.
It seems the Featured Image option is working fine within the Post, I have tried to edit an existing post and add a new post and both works fine for me.
Please find the video in the secure note area.


Hi @guybower1,

By withdrawing the posts means that the issue is already solved. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

Yes, apologies there. I was actually only withdrawing the final reply, not the whole post. For whatever reason, Chrome will not show the area in question, but I just tried Firefox and it is fine, so very odd

Thanks again

Hello @guybower1,

I have checked your site on my Chrome browser and I can see the Featured Image area.

Hope this helps.

cheers Ruenel. It actually was not visible at the time of my writing the post, but now it is. Thanks so much for checking

Glad that we could be of help.