Feature Request: Small QOL for Components

These suggestions might be a bit of fluff but it could add that extra level.

  1. Components original names if renamed on the page don’t have a way to see the initial name without deleting the custom name. Maybe a on hover on an info ? or ! icon.

  2. Preview area Selector outline colours currently. blue for vanila and black for component. this could be customisable to indicate you are on a specific component.
    I was thinking if you had a global component that appears across the site you might give that a specific outline colour over something else. you could even give an option to have that coloured outline always shown even if item isn’t selected/hovered. I realise this does mean you are getting in the way of the design but at least the user has opted in for this. quickly showing them this isn’t edited here etc.

  3. Header/footer outline currently black. could use different outline colour maybe. you always click this area and get the popup and instant regret :laughing:

Anyway great updates coming down the line.

Hi Sam,

The suggestions are very good, I will surely forward them to our development team for further process.



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