Feature Request: Documentation Elements API and custom Elements


While developing sites with Pro Theme i ran into some issues, which i would like to request as feature.

Elements API
First i would like to request for a Elements API documentation which i can use in my child theme to create templates for pages / single page layouts / custom post type overviews / archive templates and template parts.

Custom Elements V2
Second this already exists for Custom Classic Elements but i would like to request this documentation also for Elements v2.

Don’t know if this already exists, but i would like to hear your opinion.


Hi Dirk-Jan K,

We actually have the documentation on how to create v2 element which will be part of the upcoming release that is currently under beta testing:

You can find the links for our changelog under Element API:



Hope this helps.

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Hi Jade,

Thats exactly what i needed, thank you very much!!

You’re most welcome, Dirk-Jan.

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