Fatal error to Cornerstone after update

After updating X theme on my site, Cornerstone is no longer working. When I try to activate the plugin, I get the following message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error .

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method ReflectionType::getName() in /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php:106 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: Themeco\Cornerstone\Plugin->Themeco\Cornerstone{closure}(Object(ReflectionParameter)) #1 /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php(117): array_map(Object(Closure), Array) #2 /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php(137): Themeco\Cornerstone\Plugin->create(’\Themeco\Corner…’) #3 /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php(73): Themeco\Cornerstone\Plugin->resolve(’\Themeco\Corner…’) #4 /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php(44): Themeco\Cornerstone\Plugin->setup_services(‘is_admin’) #5 /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugi in /home/kelseyfi/farallonislandsfoundation.org/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/Plugin.php on line 106

My website is https://farallonislandsfoundation.org. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi Kelsey,

Thank you for writing in, I get Resource Limit Is Reached error when I visited the site, please contact your hosting regarding this as this is a server-side issue.

Regarding the Fatal error, can you confirm that you have updated X and Cornerstone to the latest version (8.3.3 and 5.3.3 respectively)? And also the WordPress (5.7.1).

Another thing, Remember to clear all your caching features (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache) after updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

IIf the issue persists, please provide us login credentials on a “Secure Note” so we can take a closer look.


Hello, I have fixed the resource limit error and can confirm that I have updated X, Cornerstone and Wordpress to the latest versions. I have cleared my cache on my browser but not sure how to clear the other caches you mentioned. I have attached login credentials in the secure note to the post above, if you are able to take a look that would be wonderful! Thank you,

Hi Kelsey,

It has been found that the Cornerstone plugin is not installed on your site and that is why the shortcodes are not rendering the output. While installing the Cornerstone it shows the error and while activate it shows the Fatal Errors. This might be due to the older version of PHP you are using, I would suggest you update it to 7.4 to get rid of this issue.

Hope that helps.