Fatal Error on Updating Plugin-help request

Was attempting to update my plugins and encountered this fatal error:
Fatal error : Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Shortcode_Preserver, because the name is already in use in /home/customer/www/themindfulgeek.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/classic/utility/class-shortcode-preserver.php on line 8

Site is down. Cannot get into the WP admin panel. Attempts to fix via PHPAdmin haven’t worked. Pls help!

Hello @Oortcloudatlas,

Thanks for writing in! Please log in to your hosting account and check your PHP version. If you are using PHP 8.0, please downgrade it to PHP 7.4. You might also need to update it manually:

Best Regards.

The site is currently using 7.4.33

Hey @Oortcloudatlas,

To better assist you with your issue, please provide us to your WP Admin so we can investigate further. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role
– Confirmation that we can access and make changes to your site

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works


In the meantime, please go to the Plugins section and disable the Cornerstone plugin.

Best Regards.

Hey @Oortcloudatlas,

You have withdrawn your last reply. The issue must have been resolved already. Please feel free to create another thread if you need any other assistance with.


No, it was not resolved in any way. It was time to go to bed, and get a fresh start in the morning.

Hey @Oortcloudatlas,

This is from a solution from an old thread.

To avoid update issues, please follow the best practices here: https://theme.co/docs/how-to-update.


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