Fatal Error. Can I pay someone to trouble shoot this for me ?!

I am using X theme - have been for about 5 years — zoelumiere.com.

I recently upgraded to version 7 something — I was previously on X version 4 something — I know, very naughty of me. Not sure how I spaced on updating.

But I deleted all plugins and managed to update to the current X theme and cornerstone - except now when I add back plugins I’m getting a fatal error which is shutting down my site.

I’m not a developer and need help trouble shooting / fixing this for me.

I’d love to pay someone with X experience to support me. Is there a place I can submit this job to professionals ?! I did post this as a job on Upwork but not seeing enough x theme experience to feel confident about hiring someone from there.

Any advice or referrals appreciated!!!


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