Failed to activate the licenses of the Xtheme

I’m trying to build up my web page on a localhost before I upload the whole page into my server online. And when I try to activate the purchase code it gives me an error see below:

Uh oh, we couldn’t check if this license was valid. Details.

Connection timed out after 15007 milliseconds

Hello @aabdosai,

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When I’ve checked your account, I can see that you didn’t assign any website URL’s to your license yet. Please see image on the secure note.

Can you add the URL’s and validate it again?

You can check the guide here on how to setup your product validation properly:

Thank you.

What do mean about Production and Staging? right now I’m working on localhost then I will put it online.

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You can put the local host site URL in the staging and your live URL in Production.
The validation only work if you assign the URL to license key.

Hope this helps!

Thanks I got it.

Most welcome!

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