Facebook icon disappeared

Hi there,

My icons have disappeared. How to set them back?
link to site: https://fitnessworx.nl

I have found similar issues on the formu, but all answers are that the develop team will check into it.

Kind regards,


Hey Arthur,

We don’t have an icon issue in our latest release so the issue is most probably caused by customizations done in your child theme. Before we investigate, please check this first by Performing a Child Theme Issue Test.

If the issue is coming from the child theme, please check your custom code for outdated Font Awesome HTML. You should update the data-x-icon to the following:

  • data-x-icon-b for social icons.
  • data-x-icon-o for outline icons.
  • data-x-icon-s for solid icons
  • data-x-icon-l for light icons

To learn more about the change or how to set up Font Awesome Icons in our themes and builders, please watch the video series below:

Once you’ve activated the parent theme and the issue persists, please tell us where the Facebook Icon can be found so we can inspect the area.

Hope that helps.

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