Ethos-1 Questions

Hi. I wish my site to be as close to the demo Ethos-01 as possible. The Revolution Slider appears to be missing from Installed Plugins. How do I get it back? Also, any other tips would be most useful. Sizes of images for Posts and also i have a Logo which I would like to replace text but stay in same position.


Hi There,

You can re-install the Slider Revolution plugin under X > Validation(please make sure you’ve already validated your website):

The image size for posts should be 1000x600px or higher and the size for the logo 270x70px.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. Receiving this image when attempt to validate the Revolution Slider

Thanks for your help.


Hi David,

You don’t have to validate any of the extensions such as Slider Revolution that comes with X theme. You only have to validate your X theme for once by head over to X -> Validation section as mentioned above.

You can read more information about slider revolution from here (


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