Ethos 1 Demo Not Loading

I just posted another topic “Cornerstone Not Showing On Pages” and now going into my second day to find out why my website is not showing any content. It appears that the demo content for Ethos does not download.

Upon downloading other demos, I see that the demo creates a page called " Demo Home". (or something like that). With Ethos 1, this does not happen so the homepage is bare with no content. And it’s not just the homepage.

This is why when I went into Cornerstone to edit the homepage, there was no content like the other demos (image attached below) the “demo home” page did not download and Cornerstone produces a blank homepage.

I reset my server, completely wiped out the database, got a new IP address, and deactivated all plugins before I install X so it was a fresh, clean website. With this being said, if the demo homepage content does not download/function properly, the settings adjustments previous mentioned will not help much. Ethos 1 was the only reason I purchased X. I am not a designer and the demo content was what enticed me about X as I could just replace text/images where they stood. Unfortunately, I cannot do that with this error

Just though I’d give you that heads up.

Hey Lorenzo,

The Ethos 1 demo front page displays the latest post or what is called the blog page. It can’t be edited with Cornerstone also. You will need to manually setup what post you will show in the Ethos Carousel, Featured Slider and Featured Index. For more details, please see


Yeah, I got the options down and the carousel working, just couldn’t get the home page looking right. I guess the “latest post” explains things as I was using bbpress and not the default WP blog. That’s why nothing appeared.

A note for future purchasers with this problem: They can download the stack they like and edit the page in Cornerstone. From there, they can save the layout as a template to use in Ethos or on other pages. A decent enough work around.

Glad you’ve sorted it out and thanks for providing a note.

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