Error multi-select forms + MacOS + Safari + X Theme

Hi there,

we got customer reports having problems while using Safari on MacOS. We did a lot of debugging and came to the solution that it’s a problem with trying to use multi-select forms on X theme with Safari on MacOS. There are no problems with other browsers or with Safari on Windows.
To exclude cases of custom css or php we tried with X theme “out of the box”: errors persist. We tried with Twenty Nineteen theme: errors gone. We also tried without most of our plugins.

You can see it here using Formidable forms and here using WooCommerce Product Add ons. Remember to use Safari on MacOS and than try to use the multi-select dropdowns.


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for the very detailed post information. I have checked your site using Safari on MacOS and this is what I am seeing:

With Gravity Forms

With WooCommerce Product Variations

Yes they do not look the same. The gravity form plugin has it’s own styling while the WooCommerce variation selections has a different style too. Both of the plugin has independent styling for the input and select fields. You may need to disable the styling of gravity forms if you want to let the styling of WooCommerce be applied to the form.

This might help:

Thanks for your quick answer but I think there’s a misunderstanding. It’s not about the look, using MacOS + Safari + X Theme + Multi-select forms causes the site to crash.

Please see screenshot attached

Message reads “The page could not be loaded because a error occurred”.

It’s the same everywhere you click on multi-select forms (contact form and WooCommerce Product Addons)

Hello Alexander,

I have checked your site again in my Safari and I could not replicate any issues.
Here it is:

Clear your Safari’s browser cache or use private browsing mode and test again.


that’s strange… we have this problem across various Macs.
I tried your suggestions: clear Safari’s cache and use the of private browsing mode. Error’s still there.
When switching theme to e.g. Twenty Nineteen the error’s gone. Switching back to X Theme and it’s back.

Don’t know what to do. Many customers using Safari on MacOS can’t buy our product at the moment.
We don’t know when this error occurred for the first time. Can’t be so long ago.

Hello Alexander,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I checked the website using Safari and can replicate the issue on my end. Selecting the combo box, reloads the website page. Here’s a screencast.

To test the problem further, can you please share the website login details in secure note so we can take a closer look.


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