Envira Gallery Versus Using Pro Columns for Images

I tried using just columns and rows for a gallery by dragging the images to each column. This seems a lot easier and would probably have less conflict if the plugin or WordPress or Pro updates. My concern is this…if there is a conflict and I would have to fix it on ALL of my Envira Galleries. So my question is, should I just use columns?

I would have to then only use flush left if I want to create rows correct? I don’t see a way of centering it if I have 3 photos on row 1 and 2 photos on row 2 if they were all of the same width correct?


There is no way that I can center the second row right?

What about using the WordPress Gallery which would be probably more compatible if WP updates? I don’t want to create more work for myself if there are conflicts with a plugin updating. That’s the reason.


Hey Grace,

If you just want a grid of images, I’d recommend just using the Row and Column elements combo or the Grid element. Using the New Row, Column, and Grid elements require some learning and set up time.

You’ll want to use the Envira Gallery plugin if you need a lightbox and a simple dynamic grid. What I mean by simple and dynamic is you can choose the number of columns in the gallery settings and Envira Gallery will do the calculation of the grid display automatically.

With regards to WP update, basically, the less and the more simple the plugins you use, the better. So, if you don’t need a lightbox, I’d recommend staging with Cornerstone.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Christian! This is exactly what I was looking for. The video explained it simply and well. I will use Envira Gallery for my photographs because I need the protection so that people don’t take them. I have not used Grid element yet although I did watch the videos previously. In your opinion, are the Row and Column elements the best to use for the browsers so that conflict is avoided?

I was going to make my images smaller at 200px but then the quality of the image looks crappy and I want to avoid that. For example, the one image is a bit blurry because it is a scan so I will have to sharpen it more. But sharpening too much makes the images look worse in some cases.

One more question. What is the difference between using Envira Gallery Album vs Lightbox? This is for my photography section. I am not sure which one to use or which one is best for my photographs.


Hello Grace,

A lightbox is actually a modal popup. Please check out this documentation to know the difference between the lightbox and the album.

Hope this helps.