Envira Gallery Portrait Thumbnails are Squished [Bug?]

Hi guys,

Some of the thumbnails for my images in Envira gallery are squished. Specifically, it seems that ALL of the portrait-orientation images are squished and I’m not sure why. They didn’t use to be!

I have already done all of the normal troubleshooting. All plugins, theme files, and WP are the current version, and PHP is 7.4.

Things I have tried:

Disabling all plugins except for Envira
Using the base parent theme
Clearing the cache within the Envira plugin for this gallery
Clearing all other cache
Using Regenerate Thumbnails and regenerating everything

And actually, as I’ve been typing this I figured out a solution, and it seems like I maybe discovered a bug. This might help future visitors.

For the gallery in question, under “Configuration”, I needed to uncheck “crop images?”.

Apparently it wasn’t cropping them at all: it was just squishing them. Or something… I don’t really know. It was odd.

Anyway, it’s fixed now, so I’ll close it.

Hi @brianjohnsondesign,

Glad to know that it is fixed now.


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