Envira Gallery not linking images to URLs

Hi. I am having an issue where my Envira Gallery is not linking to the URL pages. Why?


Here is a screenshot of the first image Katpop Jewels.

Not sure what I am doing wrong as I posted it in the correct link in the URL. It was working before the update.


Hi Grace,

Thank you for writing in, can you confirm that the Lightbox on your Gallery is not enabled?

Because that is just going to open a lightbox instead of linking the image.

Please provide us login credentials on a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Ok I sent you my creds. The Enable Lightbox is off. It’s still not working. I am so frustrated.

Hi Grace,

Thank you for the credentials, I found out that together with the Lightbox option, the Links option is also disabled. Please enable that.


Thanks friech. I can always count on you guys. :slight_smile:

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