Envira Galleries not displaying correctly

The galleries I built using the Envira Galley plugin are not displaying correctly in Chrome or any browser built with Chrome (Brave & Vivaldi) on Desktop and Tablet. In Edge only a few images display. Displays perfectly in Firefox.

Here is the page in question: https://sandiegocommercialrefrigerationrepair.com/sales-leasing-service/

Is there something I can do about this or do I have to wait for the Envira Gallery developers to fix it?

Hey Blair,

This is because you’re using the Columnize feature. It’s only good for text. Though it displays Envira Gallery, some images will be cut-off in Chrome. It does not in Firefox because each browser engine has different methods of display.

Also, Javascript depended grids such as the Envira Gallery is not recommended to be placed inside a Javascript dependent user interface like an Accordion because such grid plugins usually calculates the height of its parent before loading the images and if the accordion starts closed, images won’t display.

I’d first recommend that you create a Global Block with 2 columns and move your text and grid separately to each column then paste the global block’s shortcode in the Accordion Item content.

If that does not work, I’d recommend not to use an accordion for this case. Please use a section with 2 columns instead.


I’ll give your suggestions a try and let you know how it goes.
Thank you,

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

I used your suggestion of the global block with two columns and it worked like a champ.
Thank you very much for your help,

PS: Any way to export global blocks? I have the fix in a staging site and want to copy just the blocks to the live site.

Hello Blair,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Please take a look at the solution from following thread:

Along with above thread, please take a look at following resource and scroll down to Working with Templates section:


Hi, Thank you for the additional info!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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