Enable V2 elements

I have followed all instructions on how to enable V2 elements and have failed. Please help.

Hello @nmbbaseball,

Thanks for asking.

Please confirm the login details as the credentials you shared is not working.

You can enable V2 elements from X > Settings > Permissions. Also please make sure to enable Advanced Mode from X > Settings > Permissions > User Preference.

To learn more about permission manager, please take a look at following tutorial:


I think I followed all the steps outlined.I was looking for the headline with image element.
I updated the login info

I don’t know if you did anything or I did, but it is working now


Hello There,

I have logged in. I was able to check your settings and I can confirmed that the V2 elements is now displaying in the Cornerstone preview. Please also be advised that we only have an image element and a headline element. We do not have a v2 headline element with an image element. They are separate and independent elements.

Hope this helps.

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