Eliminate render-blocking /jquery.js bottleneck!

/js/jquery/jquery.js is really a blocker! If not excluded form minify/combine theme.co’s drop down stop working. Speaking with speed and performance developers and this is their reference. Can we solve this, everyone will benefit from it, you will have a better performing theme, less contacts since people forget or don’t know how to exclude. Users like me will be happy as…

Regarding Webpagetest speed timings - Webpagetests is great, glad you’re using it as it’s a much better tool than PSI. To get great performance you really need to remove all render blocking assets, including jQuery. Otherwise it will remain as your bottleneck. It doesn’t have to break just because jQuery is used to show your drop downs, what is needed is just that the code handling this waits itself for jQuery to be available until it runs. This is not very hard to do, but unfortunately not many themes or plugins handle this well in wordpress.

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Thank you for writing in, please follow few of the advise provided here to improve your site performance.

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS


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