Elements are Collapsed before Rev Slider Appears

My clients Website is experiencing some odd behavior and it might be due to how the JavaScript is launched. The URL is https://jodyjazz.com and when we load the site for a brief second the elements appear to be collapsed then the slider is activated and all is good. How can I fix this issue so that the elements are not collapsed?


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I can confirm that website elements at first are in collapsed kind of mode till revolution slider loads. Right now there is definitely a delay in loading of Revolution Slider. At this point of time, my suggestion would be to optimize the load time of website and slider so that there is no delay in loading of Revolution Slider and it loads instantly. I would recommend you to take a look at our performance optimizaton guide:



So it’s not the load occurance but my slider is not optimized enough for it to load fast enough?

Is there anyway to have only the background image to load before the slides?

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Thanks for updating in! You will need to pre load the images in your slider and set a height so that it will not be collapse upon loading the page. You might be interested in checking out this documentation: https://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/performance-seo/

Or this video tutorial might help:

Hope this helps.

Yea I understand what the video was showing me about the elements once the slider is loaded. However when the page is initially loading, why is the html elements in my X theme collapsed? The Slider should have an element there also?

Hello There,

The X theme elements were not collapsed. It is only the slider is collapse upon page loads. The elements in the slider were initially for the fade animation which comes from the right side. And your slider layout is set as a fullwidth banner. You might need to change it to fullscreen, set the minimum height of 100vh and enable the slider loader. You should be seeing a loader in a fullscreen while the page is loading.

If you can give use some access to your site, we can check your slider settings.


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