Editing Topbar

Right now in my top bar I have a donate button in the top left and my social icons in the top right. How could I switch the location of those two things (social in top left and donate button in top right)?

Also, in my header I have my site name (St. Boniface Catholic Church), but below that in smaller font I would like to add some additional information such as address, phone, etc. How can I do that? Here is a link to my site.


Hello @johnlednicky,

To switch the social media icon and button you can use this custom CSS code under Theme Option —>CSS

.x-topbar .p-info {
float: right !important;
.x-topbar .x-social-global {
float: left !important;

Regretfully there is no option to add text under the logo on the default header. Since you are a Pro user you can use the custom Header by using the Header builder feature of the Pro theme, by the help of Header builder you can design your custom Header.

Please note that the code provided above serves as a guide only and it would ultimately be your responsibility to take it from here. If you are unfamiliar with code and resolving potential conflicts, you may opt-in on our One service for further assistance.