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I want to edit/translate the text on my WooCommerce Search Page. Right now it looks like this:

How can I edit these two texts?

And furthermore: How do I in the future translate other texts, if I run into them?


Hi There,

We have an article about the translation, please take a look at this:

If you would like to the texts only, please setup a child theme:

After that copy this file to your child theme in the same directory(if the directories are not existed, please create them) then edit the text:


For more information, please take a look at this article:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hey Thai,

Thanks for this, it sounds reasonable. I’ll try later :slight_smile:

Just one question: What happens the file (\framework\legacy\cranium\headers\views\integrity_landmark-header.php) changes in a future update? Won’t my child theme version with customization be outdated then?

Best regards

Hi There,

It will be outdated if the file in the parent theme is changed with a new update.

You just need to compare the file in the child theme with the file in the parent theme and update it.



Isn’t there a more sustainable solution? :slight_smile:


Hi Frederik,

That is the sustainable solution if you only want to translate the words you highlighted above. Don’t worry about it (_landmark-header.php) being updated in the future, we barely do changes on those template, and if we do, you just need to copy the new template file and apply your customization (copy/paste) on that new file.

But if you anticipate that you’ll be translating the entire site in the future, better to use a translation plugin now (like the WPML).

Setup - Translation


Hey, thanks for this!

My final solution was uploading an MO translated file with the new text. Thanks for the solutions :slight_smile:

Hey Frederik,

Yes It sounds like a good solution, we’re glad you managed to fix it on your own and thank you for letting us know.


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