Edit with pro button missing on pages

Hi I am missing edit with pro button on x pro

Hello @pavlito,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site it seems that there is Edit with Pro button available. You need to go to the Page, it will list the page where you would get the “Edit with Pro”.

In case if you have already clicked on the Edit button —> you would get the Edit with Pro button at the top.

Hope it helps

Hi @prakash_s,

Thank you for the response.

The button was not there. Not sure why now is visible?

Yes, when I want to Add new page - the button is missing

Hello Pavlito,

You will need to create the page and hit the “Publish” button first.

See the secure note.

After you refresh the “Edit With Pro” will display.

Hope this helps.

Ok. But on another website I built with X button is Edit with pro is visible upon adding new page? why?

Hey @pavlito,

You might be using an old version on your other site. In the new versions, you need to either Publish the page or Save to Draft for the Edit with Pro to be available.

You might also be using an old version of WordPress in which case, you need to update it.


I am having the same issue. Everything is up to date and now when I create a new page and “Save Draft” the “Edit with Pro” button is missing until I force a refresh of the page.

Hello @hardimanja,

Yes, after saving the page or publishing it, you must refresh the page first before seeing the “Edit in Pro” button.

To avoid having this trouble, you can simply go to Cornerstone > Page Builder and create the new page right then and there. Once the page is created, it will immediately open it in the builder.

Best Regards.

In the previous verision o X pro - button was always presented even before publishing? Is that a changed in the new version?

Hello @pavlito,

We will investigate this issue further. It could be a conflict with the latest WordPress and the theme.

Thank you for your understanding.

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