Edit text posts from demo Ethos 1 (X child theme) with Cornerstone

Hi, I cann’t succeed in editing existing demo posts such as Ethos 1 ‘Demo: Standard Post With A Featured Image’ with Cornerstone.
I searched in the KB but couldn’t find the answer. Only a topic regarding pages.

I tried in posts concepts and published, both without succes.
When I open the posts at first my posts includes text. When I use ‘X’ Cornerstone opens and the post text disappears.

I did succeed in editing my own created page in Cornerstone.

I seems like I’m the only one encountering this problem :thinking:

Many thanks in advance!

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in!

The posts in Ethos 1 demo and all other demos is using the default WordPress editor. Cornerstone were only used to create the pages and not in the posts.

Please keep in mind that when you switch to Cornerstone editor, it will start a blank canvas. If you have some contents added using the default editor or any other editor, it will be discarded and no contents will be displayed in Cornerstone preview editor. It will just be like a fresh posts.

Hope this helps.

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